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Oftentimes the most difficult part of the 3D Printing workflow isn’t the initial idea, the design phase, or even the actual printing itself. The hardest part is almost exclusively the Model Prep phase - the one that starts when you finish working on the design of a 3D model, and that ends when the first layer starts printing.

Any issues in this phase often arise due to the following three categories of problems:

  • Problems with your 3D model (undefined faces, artificially-high polygon counts, broken model geometry, file format incompatibility/semi-compatibility, etc.).
  • Problems with your slicer - the program that converts your model into geometry a 3D printer can recognize - like program incompatibility, incorrect slicing settings, and/or slicing profile issues
  • Problems with printability (lack of proper supports, overly-complex geometry, and/or size restrictions/tolerances)

Needless to say, these issues can be frustrating, and they require a complex, non-linear approach to problem-solving. It’s a good thing, then, that brilliantPrintables can help solve, eliminate, or mitigate the effects of such problems.

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