Model Conversion

From .DXF to .SKP, we're with you every .STEP of the way

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Do you have an existing 3D model that you wish were in a different file format? Can’t seem to make a model print well? Want to have a batch of models converted?

brilliantPrintables very well may be able to help. Some models will inevitably be trickier than others, but as long as it’s feasible (there’s no charge if it isn’t, BTW - so it doesn’t hurt to find out) we can deliver speedily.

From meshes to solids, point-clouds to JSON objects - if it’s feasible to convert them at all, we can likely do it for you.

We can also convert models to the popular .GTLF format, for use on the web, and we can package your model as a .GLTF using Google’s <model-viewer> web-component so you can easily embed your model in your website using JavaScript.

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Please note: Prices will vary per project; price shown is an estimate only.