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So, you’re looking to create something unique - something special, eh? Whether it’s for your business, a personal project, an event you’re holding, or whatever, really - brilliantPrintables can be your 3D Design consultant. From feasibility analysis, through the research, design, and creation phase, to printing, post-processing, and delivery, brilliantPrintables can guide you through the process of creating trinkets, hand-outs, toys, ornaments, tools, and prototypes.

Have an idea in the works? It may be worth seeing how it prints…

See for an example of a custom project made by brilliantPrintables. TBH, codeRcar is a fairly ambitious project with a wide scope, and most custom designs will never have to be that involved (because, if you need to give a project its own website, it’s almost guaranteed to be ambitious and have a wide scope). However, that is not to say that brilliantPrintables is anywhere near incapable of ambitious projects, simply that we specialize in smaller-scale things. So, don’t despair; whether you think your project is too small or too big to make it worth it, it never hurts to ask.

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Please note: Prices will vary per project; price shown is an estimate only.