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Why 3D Print?

A Formidable Tool

With the power of 3D Printing (or Additive Manufacturing) at your disposal, your workflow gets a major power-up. For mockups, prototypes, or proofs-of-concept, especially, often the best way to see a design in action is to 3D Print it.

Let’s face it: 3D Printing is the future when it comes to cost-effective, practical prototyping. There’s nothing quite like the sheer convenience of being able to whip up a 3D model using your favourite CAD program, send it to be printed, and check out the result.

Being able to hold a tangible, physical representation of your idea is powerful. It allows you to see first-hand how a design holds up in the real world.

Miniscule Manufacturing

Sure, 3D Printing isn’t going to replace traditional factories any time soon, if ever. For high-volume batches, mass-manufacturing technologies are almost definitely going to be cheaper and faster than 3D Printing.

But small-scale manufacturing is where 3D Printing really shines. With minimal setup and tooling costs, practically the only ongoing costs are for materials, electricity, and maintenance.

A DIY Dream Come True

Don’t have your own workshop? Short on tools? Sketchy carpentry, drafting, or origami skills? :] Whatever perceived limitations are holding you back - with 3D Printing, they don’t have to matter. All you need is an idea for building an object/service/component/part, and the CAD skills to design it.

And, if you’re looking for a hard-to-find replacement part, case, or accessory for your equipment - chances are someone has already created one and released open-source designs freely-available to download and print! (And if not, you still may be able to make one yourself.)

Oh, and you can even make customized toys and novelties in small batches, often for less than the cost of generic services.

(Like keychain pendants with your company logo, unique pencil holders with fractal patterns, or nifty desk ornaments by the hundreds!)

Pop a design in a 3D Printer, wait for the printer to do its thing (granted, it can take a while…), and hey presto! It’s a reality.

If it didn’t come out the way you expected/wanted it to, no worries; simply make the necessary tweaks to the design, send it for printing again - and repeat the process until you get it just the way you like it.

Why brilliantPrintables?

You probably don’t need any further convincing that having access to a 3D Printer can be a major augmentation to any creative, design, engineering, or manufacturing process. But, why does brilliantPrintables exist?

3D Printing-as-a-Service

Unfortunately, one of the things that’s holding back 3D Printing is the cost of ownership. Sure, desktop 3D Printers have come down in price drastically over the past decade or so, but as anyone that uses any form of equipment for their business can attest, the purchase price is nowhere near the only one.

The up-front costs associated with owning and using a 3D Printer include maintenance costs, buying consumables like plastic filaments, electricity (it can be a big one…), and labour. (Since, realistically you should probably not leave a 3D Printer unattended for hours on end; and even the flashiest, most expensive 3D printers often still require a non-trivial amount of human interaction to operate.)

However, the more intangible costs include leakage (sometimes prints fail, and a failed print is a waste of material, electricity, and time) and training costs. (Since every 3D Printer is different - even two of the same model can be different - it takes a considerable bit of time to train yourself/your employees on the specifics of a given printer, including instruction on its operation, best practices for safe usage, basic troubleshooting, etc.)

Many businesses (small, medium, and large alike) are slowly migrating their in-house IS infrastructure to the “cloud” by utilizing PaaS, SaaS, and IaaS (Platform-as-a-Service, Software-as-a-Service, and Infrastructure-as-a-Service) available from cloud service providers. The reasons given for these migrations vary, though they often are many of the same arguments for 3D Printing-as-a-Service (3DPaaS). Outsourcing your 3D Printing operations to brilliantPrintables means reducing their cost to a predictable, scalable level.

brilliantPrintables, by Bot-In-a-Box Educational Robotics, is a 3DPaaS provider in Simcoe County, and we can be your 3D Printing consultant. Check out our Services page for more information.

3D Model Prep

Do you have a 3D model that you would like to 3D Print? Is it feasible to be printed, and is it in a file format your slicer can process? If you don’t know the answer to either of those questions, brilliantPrintables can help. From 3D model conversion, to 3D model repair, to printability verification (for FDM, at least), to print testing - brilliantPrintables can be your go-to for all your post-design, pre-print needs. Check out our Services page for more info about what we offer.

3D Model Embedding

Got an awesome 3D model that you want to show off to the world on your website? For a low, one-time fee, brilliantPrintables can help with that. We can take your 3D model and convert it to a format like .GTLF, allowing you to easily and effectively embed your model on your site using tools like the Google <model-viewer> web-component. Check out CodeRcar’s website for an example, and see our Services page too.

Custom-Designed Components

Yep. We also can help with from-scratch service/component/toy/part/thingie creation.

Want your company logo extruded as a 3D model? Can do.
Check out this 3D print of Chippy, Bot-In-a-Box’s mascot.

How about an open-source, DIY, low-cost, kid-friendly robot car kit powered by a Raspberry Pi Zero W? Oddly specific request, but OK.

You need look no further than CodeRcar to find an example of our in-house designed projects.

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From one-off promotional materials, to memorable trade-show hand-outs, and a myriad of things in between, we can print that. (not everything, though; we can’t print you a new friend or a fully-functioning model of a cell with working mitochondria - sorry)

Special Touches

A plastic cube being 3D-printed

^ A timelapse of a CHEP Calibration Cube being printed

The little details matter. We get that. That’s why every order from brilliantPrintables comes with an optional timelapse video of the successful print (with your company logo or information of choice in the background, no less). And, we’ll keep in contact with you every step of the way - from the initial quote to the final delivery - since obviously being kept in the loop is nice (especially when you’re paying for the loop).